Photo of the Week: The End of the World

Hello Gamvik!

You may have seen this picture already as it is one of my new banners. It was taken in Gamvik, the northernmost village of Europe in Northern Norway. I have lived and worked there for a couple of weeks last year. Whereas my whole story of doing workaway there and having to deal with a) a mental host, b) stubborn ponies who liked to bite me, c) wild huskies who liked to drag me into bogs while "walking them", d) unbelievably bad food and last but not least e) unbelievably nasty and unpredictable weather, is worth a post on its own, let me tell you a bit about the village itself today.

The picture was taken in the middle of October, shortly after the first snow. Only a week later the snow was gone and we had to deal with plus temperatures again which meant icy streets and an extremely muddy paddock (hard to distinguish horse poo from mud, just saying....).

Its is around 6.30am on the picture but don't be fooled by the sun. We probably had just another hail storm that day. Can you imagine how much it hurts to get hail into your face?!!

Anyway, Gamvik is literally the end of the world. It took me a while to get there: Flight from Frankfurt to Oslo, flight from Oslo to Tromso, Hurtigruten cruise from Tromso to Mehamn (no actually I couldn't disembark in Mehamn due to stormy weather so I had to go off in Kjöllefjord and the cruise company paid for a taxi that brought me to Mehamn), and finally a 30mins car ride from Mehamn to Gamvik. We had a snow storm along the way and it was pretty adventurous!

Getting to and from Gamvik in winter definitely is not easy. When there is snow and ice you can only get out of town by car at certain times because the snow ploughing service leads the convoy then.

My detour was equally adventurous as I had to pay 70€ for a taxi that would bring me to Mehamn at midnight as I was afraid my host would throw me out of the car in the middle of nowhere (but I digress again :D).

So Gamvik has roundabaout 200 inhabitants plus a few tourists in summer. There is a supermarket, a museum, a lighthouse and a guesthouse.

It must be absolutely gorgeous in summer and I wish I could visit the village again.

The Arctic with all its mountains, the tundra, the snow, the weather, the ocean and all the people living there, is just amazing and if I couldn't convince you with this picture, I'm at a loss! ;)

Have you ever stayed in an equally adventurous and remote region?

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