Best and Worst About Living in Stockholm

Time for another

Stockholm and the Swedes

post, isn't it? I feel like it's ages ago that I last posted something that had more words than pictures in it so here's to my month in Stockholm.

I'm back in Germany for a few weeks now and I think it's time to recap my time in the biggest city of Scandinavia. And what's better for that than a pro/con list? I love those lists! So let me just present you the best and worst things about living in Stockholm (Caution: post contains a tiny dose of irony and there's no particular order ;))

The Best:

- free wi-fi almost everywhere - you can meet the Swedish Royal Family a few times a month - you can spend lunchtime at the waterside - close proximity to the biggest archipelago of Scandinavia - Beyond Retro - the BEST VINTAGE STORE IN THE WORLD

- a subway that offers you amazing views over the city as it runs aboveground and on bridges very very often

- Ben&Jerry's ice-cream parlours

- the 4 Royal castles (or are there even more?)

- 3 airports

- Pocketshop bookmarks (okay I have to explain that one: Pocketshop is a Swedish book store and they give you bookmarks with little bookworm comics on it every time you buy a book)

- being able to pay EVERYTHING with credit card (expect lockers and restrooms)

- the outfits and hairstyles of the Swedish hipsters in Södermalm (hilariously cool!)

- Skansen - the open air museum

- Djurgarden - the green island

- Östermalm and Strandvägen - where rich people live and go shopping

- the fact that there is LIDL in Stockholm (as opposed to Tromso)

- separate H&M stores for women, men and children

- the Swedish automated vacuum waste collection systems (you throw your garbage into portholes that are situated on every floor in many apartment buildings)

- the ferries to Finland and the Baltics

- the Ice Bar (I wish I had visited it!!)

- BOKREA - a special book sale

- Gamla Stan (the beautiful Old Town)

- Sightseeing by boat

- Princesstarta - marzipan cake

- salted butter

- butter knives

- men who go on parental leave (also known as "lattepappas" in Stockholm, dads who have their todler in one and their latte macchiato in their other hand)

- cheese doodles (cheese chips) and Marabou hazelnut chocolate

- free (and healthy) trinking water available in restaurants

- the many rocks you can climb that give you amazing views over the city

- the many spots on the waterside where you can just sit and relax

- that Italian restaurant in Gamla Stan where I got a pizza that was so big that it didn't even really fitted on the plate

- Swedish carrot cake (and I usually HATE carrots!!)

- that English bookstore in Gamla Stan

Okay, I honestly didn't think I would come up with soooo many pros. Now let's take a look at the cons.

The Worst:

- Swedes spitting and sniffing back their own snot to spit it later

- the Swedish (non-existent) way of raising children

- and of course obnoxious children everywhere

- loads of beggars everywhere

- alcoholism, violence and sadly racism

- Ta det lugnt - the Swedish way of saying "keep calm" (I don't want to stay calm! Let me yell!)

- and then the total opposite: Swedes yelling at you if something goes too slow

- Swedes insulting you and running up the stairs because you put your hand between the lift doors as someone comes running towards it

- Swedish sweets - yikes!!

- Melodifestivalen - the Swedish precontest for the Eurovision Song Contest (awful costumes, awful songs, overexcited presenters)

- the non-existent way of recycling garbage (hey, you have fancy automated vacuum waste collection systems, why don't you recycle?)

- Swedish fashion (boring and everyone wears the same stuff)

- the fact that everyone has the same boring Fjällräven backpacks

- the prices of food, cosmetics and toilet paper (5€ for 6 rolls of toilet paper?!!)

- Swedish hairspray

- Swedish bread (why do they put sugar in it?)

- Swedish croissants

- Swedish rolls

- lease prices

- Swedish apple puree

- the fact that Swedes use too much sugar with everything

- the fact that they don't use salt or pepper

- except with light salted chips - they're too salted

- grey days

- everyone has the same stupid 20000€ pram with the circle trademark (because supposedly this is the only one that can be used on snow - really? there is just ONE pram in whole Scandinavia that survives a Northern winter??)

- the unbelievably expensive metro card

- vegetarian food (especially sandwiches) is hard to find and mostly tasteless

Okay, so more pros than cons? Who would have thought that? I certainly didn't. Stockholm really annoyed me on certain days but yes, overall it's a wonderful city and I could imagine living there. I just would need to escape the city every weekend so a flat has to go hand in hand with a house in the archipelago :D

So tell me, can you imagine living in Stockholm? Have you noticed something of the lists while you were there? Are there any surprises?

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