Photo of the Week: A Ticket to the Arctic, please!!

 This week's

photo of the week

post is an update. If you've read last week's post, you know that this little series will either be about a life update or a travel throwback, both captured in only one picture. As you can see, this week's picture was taken in the Arctic or better on mountain Storsteinen overlooking the city of Tromso in Northern Norway.

If you read my blog for a little longer you'll also know that I have been there last year, that I am currently studying Northern Studies per distance at Tromso University and that I've applied for a Masters program in Indigenous Studies (plan a) and Visual Cultural Studies (plan b) there.

This week I got an email stating that I "was ranked for admission to the masters program in Indigenous Studies by the admission commitee" and that I "will be informed officially about the outcome of admission by the International Office at Tromso University later".


1. When exactly is later? 2. Where was I ranked? and 3. Why did you write me that?

To me, this email was completely useless. All I know is that the admission commitee picked their choices now. I don't know if I'm on top or at the end of the ranking and I also don't know when I'll be informed about that. Since I got the email on Wednesday I'm looking at my phone every 5 minutes to check if I got news from the international office. It's driving me crazy and it's absolutely nerve-wracking!! I would have rather gotten an email stating yes or no than "we decided now, just so you now but we won't tell you anything about our decision yet". Thank you so very much!!!

Now you may ask yourself why I want so desperately to live in the Arctic where there's no sunlight in the winter and no darkness in the summer, where there's meters of snow until May and maybe 20 degrees in July. Well, there's no real answer to that other than I felt "at home" while being there last year. I had this weird feeling of having found a place that I could stay in for longer than a month before I'd feel restless again. Does this make sense? I don't know! But look at the picture: It's beautiful there!!!

All I know is that I'd be honoured if I get a study place in this program. It's the only one of its kind in Europe and there are only 20 places available. People from South America, Africa and Asia are applying for it and most of them are 5-10 years older than me and therefore have much more experience in the field of Indigenous issues. All I got is a one year program certificate in Northern Studies, a bachelors in English and Social Sciences, a desperate wish to live in Tromso and a huge interest for anthropology. Is that sufficient? I don't know. But as this is only the international application round, I bet chances are not that great for me. With 20 places I bet there's 10 for international students and 10 for nordic and Sami students. Why would they choose a German? There has never been a German student of Indigenous Studies in Tromso so far. So why should they pick one now?

You see, I'm worrying a lot. Maybe I should just relax and wait for the official outcome before I start freaking out. I still have a chance to be accepted for Visual Cultural Studies (which wouldn't be bad at all) and I could still do a Masters in Scotland. Visual Cultural Studies and Anthropology with a focus on indigenous issues are being offered in Aberdeen. I'd love to study there too. It's just that they have study fees and if Scotland becomes independent this year, who knows if they don't raise the fees?? Yes, I could also work for a year and apply next year again. I could try to get a job as a tour guide or on board of the Hurtigruten in Northern Norway. Chances aren't that bad for that as I'm fluent in German, English, nearly Swedish and can understand Norwegian and speak a little bit of French. Reasonable alternatives. But honestly? I'd rather start my grad studies in Tromso - this year!

So wow, this is a really long post of me rambling and I've never ever written such a personal one yet. I hope you don't mind but maybe even enjoyed reading a little personal stuff??!

Enjoy your Sunday and tell me of your university admission procedures:

Did you have to go for plan b in the end or were you lucky to get your dream study place? If not, how was plan b? Are you still sad you didn't get your first choice or are you happy about how things turned out? Tell me your nerve-wracking uni application stories!

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