Scotland Highlights & Off to Sweden

Before going to Stockholm, I just wanted to sum up my time in Scotland.

Scotland is an amazing country and I had a great time there. The Highlands were just beautiful and I felt like being in Canada or Alaska there - I loved it! Edinburgh also is a great place and I've seldom been to a town where people are that friendly.

In Scandiavian countries people tend to be rather reserved to foreigners and I've already noticed that English people are very friendly when I was in Manchester but the Scots definitely are unexceptionally friendly and unexceptionally good-humored. I loved being around these people. A nice change after spending so much time in Scandinavia and Germany were people can be quite stiff.

I'd love to go back there and I can also imagine studying in Scotland......BUT my hearts still belongs to Tromso. I still don't know why, but I've never felt anywhere so much "at home" as in Tromso. I probably won't get feedback from the University until May so I still have to wait and hope for a study place there.....wish me luck, pleeeaaase!! :)

Now, Sweden!

I'm heading to Stockholm on Saturday and will stay there for exactly one month. I wanted to do a Swedish course at the level B2- at Folkuniversitetet but the course has been cancelled so I now have to visit the B2 course. And yes, there probably isn't such a great difference between the two courses but I'm afraid of failing after all I had already been familiar with the B2- course materials and don't know the new materials and tasks at all.

I did a test on the homepage of Folkuniversitetet that told me I'm at B2 level in listening and reading comprehension (which means that I could do a C1 course) but at B1 level when it comes to speaking. And this is not surprising. My last Swedish course was 1 year ago and I've been doing self-study since then and I also haven't been to Sweden during that time, only to Norway which is a whole different story.

Because I've spent 4 weeks in Norway I now always mix up the two different vocabulary and never know whether I'm using a Swedish or a Norwegian expression right now...... I mean I wanted to familiarize myself with Norwegian after all I still hope to get a study place there and last time I've been there, it was 50% of the people who understood my Swedish and the other 50% did not.

But my Norwegian-Swedish could lead to problems in Stockholm and I still think that I will not be able to say a word in that language in the first couple of days although I understand most of it. I so don't want to be the loser in the course!!!! But we'll see how it goes. I will definitely blog and vlog about my time in Stockholm and I've already planned weekend trips to Västeras, Uppsala and Riga.

I've also changed my blog design (well you probably already noticed that) because I want the design to reflect the country I'm currently staying in and I also think that the new design is more clear and neat. What do you think?? I also made some changes with my Youtube channel. I decided to get rid of my second travel channel and instead post my travel videos on my main channel. I changed the link on this blog so you can easily access it.

Ohh boy, so many I's.....Well another idea popped into my head and I decided to not only participate in Travel Tuesday regularly on my blog but also on Youtube. So I attempt to post travel vlogs and my travel experiences / advice every other Tuesday on Youtube. I already scheduled Norway, Wales and Scotland videos and when I'm in Germany again, I will upload the Sweden vlogs as I can't edit them on the netbook that I take with me to Sweden.

I guess that is everything I wanted to share with you. I'm really excited for Sweden but I really need to go packing now....packing stuff for 4 weeks is exhausting, I always bring too much but I don't want to wash my clothes every week either.....Anyway here are some pictures of my last trip to Stockholm in...ohh...2000-something so you know what to expect in the next couple of weeks :)

Stadshuset Stockholm

Kungliga Slottet, Royal Castle, Stockholm

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm

@ Skansen, Stockholm

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