Heia! My name is Vanessa and I'm a 25 year old German who moved to the Arctic in 2014. Snow in Tromso is where I share my life and travels in Scandinavia, the Arctic and beyond.


About Snow in tromso

Snow in Tromso is a travel and lifestyle blog focussing on Northern Europe. 

I mainly share my life in Norway here, writing observations about Norwegian culture, sharing Nordic recipes, and providing tips and advice for future expats and travellers to the country. I also share my travels in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland on this space - manchmal auch auf Deutsch!

If you're a new reader, head over to this page to read all about how I ended up in the Arctic and browse my blog for more information and stories from the Nordics.

If you're planning on visiting or moving to Tromso/Northern Norway, make sure to download my guidebook to Tromso - and if you're interested in other Nordic destinations, check out my travel guides and wallpapers here.

What others say

Wonderful blog about Norway... so authentic and real. It’s a treasure to read, feels like one is there through the experiences!
— Comment from a reader

Fun Facts about me

  • My boyfriend Simon is half-Norwegian and half-Swedish and comes from a reindeer herding Sami family. We switch between speaking Norwegian, English and German every day.
  • I hold a BA in English Literature, Culture and Media, as well as Northern Studies and Social Science. I also graduated UiT - The Arctic University of Norway with an MPhil in Indigenous Studies in 2016.
  • I'm currently working in digital marketing
  • I overcame my fear of flying on a tiny plane crossing the North Atlantic between Iceland and Greenland and was afraid of dying on the ice cap before going on that trip...
  • I wrote my MPhil thesis on Inuit culture in museums and art institutions
  • My favourite Nordic country is Greenland and my favourite Nordic city is Copenhagen
  • My favourite season in the Arctic is late winter/early spring when the sun is back for good